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What are the payment methods available?

We happily accept Visa/Master debit & credit cards, FPX payments and e-wallet payments!

What is included in a Pocket Angel Purchase?

A Pocket Angel purchase consists of the Pocket Angel you’ve chosen with a keyring with directions on how you can use it!

How do I test Pocket Angel?

It’s really easy to test your Pocket Angel, but do remember that it will emit a piercing 130db sound with a flashing light so it’s best not to test it out at night when everyone’s sleeping. 

To test your Pocket Angel, pull the removable top pin from the body. To stop the alarm, simply replace the top pin into the body again. 

How do I replace Pocket Angel’s batteries?

Our batteries are made to last when you’re not actively using, but in the event it’s run out, open the alarm via the side seam hole. You’ll need to remove the internal screws and add the CR2032 batteries. 

Once that’s done replace the screws, and close the alarm casing and it’s good to go. You may refer to the step by step tutorial here!

How long do the batteries last?

Pocket Angel’s batteries can last 3 - 5 years depending on the frequency of use.

How loud is Pocket Angel?

Pocket Angel is 130 decibels loud. It’s so loud that a street within 100 feet can hear you.

Where does Pocket Angel ship to?

Pocket Angel ships internationally. Our goal is to be as accessible as possible.

What do I do if I haven’t received an order confirmation?

Sometimes, your order confirmation might end up at your email spam folder. If you still can’t find it there, please contact us at shoppocketangel@gmail.com

How long does it take to receive my order?

All orders ship from our warehouse in Malaysia. Once we have received your orders, we will ship it out within 48 hours. Our orders have an estimated delivery date within 5 - 10 business days from the date of dispatchment!

Pocket Angel sends every order an email when your package has been shipped. From there our orders have an estimated delivery date within 3 - 7 business days for standard shipping. Kindly note that the courier service is chosen based on availability.

What if my item arrives damaged or faulty?

If your items arrived damaged please contact us at shoppocketangel@gmail.com

Can I cancel or amend my order?

You can cancel your order within 12 hours upon placing your order, as long as it has not been dispatched. To cancel your order, please email us at shoppocketangel@gmail.com for us to process them for you. Unfortunately, any orders past 12 hours will be registered onto our system and we will not be able to cancel them. However, upon receiving your parcel, you may request for return or exchange by emailing us at shoppocketangel@gmail.com.